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Sails come in other colors than just white... READ MORE

  • Savage Industries EDC ONE CHARCOAL (Black/Gray)
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  • Savage Industries EDC ONE DARK MATTER (Black/Black)
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Plans & Tape Measure

We've gone open source! Purchase patterns to make your own EDC ONE or EDC TWO! For that you might need one of our flexible tapes!

PDF downloads of the EDC ONE and EDC TWO plans are now available, and are free with purchase of the printed versions!

Watch Adam make the EDC TWO on his One Day Build


Give your bag a mission patch. Proclaim what's inside.

Serial Numbers

While there are many unique features to my bags, there is one that will make it unique to you - the serial number. Each bag has a hand written serial number on the interior tag that indicates its model and production number. This number allows us to track when and where the bag was made.


Marcos Mafia - Fabricator & Adam Savage - Designer