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Savage Industries Making Patch

Savage Industries Making Patch

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*This patch design is in production and is estimated to ship the week of December 16th.

Designed by Isaac Hathaway

    • Patch is white with black stitching and a red Savage logo.
    • Hook and loop on the back attaches to the exterior of the EDC ONE.

    Approximate Dimensions:  Approximately 3.5” x 2” or 89mm x 51mm


    I included a patch of hook and loop on the EDC bags because it's a standard NASA feature: lots of patches of hook and loop are on nearly every piece of NASA hardware for identification, and also stowage purposes. This has been the case almost since the beginning of both NASA and hook and loop. I always knew I wanted some distinctive patches to adorn the bag, and I reached out to a fantastic young graphic designer, Isaac Hathaway, to create them. Isaac designed six main patches. Each patch signifies a different use case for the bags: Writing, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Research, and of course, Making. He also designed a seventh generic bag patch with a terrific illustration of the EDC ONE. I asked Isaac for a set of graphically simple yet cool mission patches- he killed it. I travel with the bag patch on mine. Inception.